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Mr Clean

Why Jay Bilas is an idiot

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I get that "analysts" are supposed to be critical at times. It's part of their job description after all. ESPN's Jay Bilas is no different. But, after the NCAA selection committee announced their selections for this year's Tournament, he went almost ballistic over some of the choices that were made. I won't delve into his entire rant, because quite honestly he made comments for hours throughout the course of the Selection Show. But I do want to focus on his verbal lashing of VCU's inclusion into the tournament.

I get why VCU was a surprise pick, at least compared to Colorado or other possible teams. Yet, despite the numbers, they have won their first two games and sit in the Sweet 16. Were they lucky? Considering the thrasing they gave their first two opponents I'd have to say no. Maybe they were overlooked. You can't prove that one way or another so I'll leave that alone. But apparently the selection committee might have some clue after all (Jay Bilas didn't think they did).

The problem with people like Jay Bilas (sorry, I can't call him an analyst anymore) is that they are big-conference snobs. They can't fathom certain conferences having good basketball. (It's the same thing in college football by the way). They are so convinced that they know it all that they don't see the forest for the trees.

Bilas even said he wasn't sure that the selection committee knew that they played basketball with a round ball.

What an ass.

I hope Jay Bilas issues an apology for his loudmouthed and useless rants last week and enjoys his delicious plate of crow...
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