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Thread: Happy Birthday Pathos!

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    Happy Birthday Pathos!

    One of the most honored and amusing GM members ever. I salute you. I hope you're having a great day!

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    Belated cheers! I see it's been a good 3 years since my last visit. Just this week I stumbled across an ancient Rocket Whore post from someone over on Gamezone24 I had initially missed that got me nostalgic and reminiscing again, and of course that got me to thinking on GameMecca itself.

    I always hold my breath when I look this place up on Google, wondering if it'll still be functional, before bravely stroking that enter key heart in mouth with tear ducts at the ready. But lo, here we are still. [throws an echoed cheer into the empty halls]

    Who IS responsible for that? You or Grimmy perchance? Kudos to whoever it is.

    If anyone is on PSN do add me. Under "Soggypathos". I don't play a whole lot of games, fits and starts more than anything, but who among us does now that life in its autumn twilight has taken hold of us.
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    And Happy Belated or Premature Birthday for this year Pathos.

    I still lurk around in the dark hoping to see an old face but haven't played any online games in years. I play on my phone Clash of Clans etc but that's it.

    Hope you're good!
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    And a happy birthday to Pathos from this side of the pond.

    Gaming has indeed changed for me since I began playing Serious Sam around 2 decades ago (which led me to seriously and subsequently to Gamemecca). Shout out to Sal and Dark Lev. Good times back in the day! My gaming these days has me playing Rocket League in the evenings when the kids are settled. Usually my oldest (14 now) is up playing Fortnite on the Xbox while I play RL on the PC.

    Speaking of kids, we have 13 of them now. Not really. We stopped at 4. But we were on a really good pace there for a while. Ages 14, 12, 10, and 8. Yes, our baby is 8. Wow, I'm getting old!! I'll hit the big 4-0 next year. Recent pic beginning the school year is attached.

    Finally, we figured that if we weren't going to have more kids, we would make up for it by the pound with dogs. So we have 2 great danes. One is a pup, just 4 mos (George, ~40lbs). The older is nearly 3 named Dallas (~165 lbs). Needless to say, the kids are good with a shovel.
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    Happy Birthday - two years too late, but hey, you have had two since then and I missed congratulating you on both!

    Let's pull something out of the woodwork to celebrate both the fact that you're just that much older and wiser...

    Just to remind us all of the glorious days of previous internet highs, let's celebrate with a throwback to the ytmnd! http://happybdayibm5150.ytmnd.com/

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