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    Does anyone play this game anymore?


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    Yes, and it's nothing like it use to be. Mostly BG, and as for the 8 vs. 8, still ok but nothing like it years ago. Slash, I believe, has been playing on the Phonix server, which by the way, is free.
    I keep it simple and get on for an hour or so, like 1 or twice a week. I have not played in 8 months but will be on today, taking a break from my AR/VR project I have been working on.

    Hello Spike! How is your brother doing? Tell him I said hello.

    Btw Spike, I still have your brother's old account and have not made any changes. You are welcome to use it and change the password if you like; no problem with me, I have so many accounts. Cheers!
    RIP my friend and in spirit.
    1982 - 2007 R.I.P. Mark a.k.a. Freestyler

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    Thank Sasquatch, I'll let Sho what you said about his account. We are currently playing Guild Wars 1 and its free too.


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    Hey bud, it's been a minute ... how's it going?

    I'd be interested in looking in on DAoC just for old times sake. I gave you the logins for both accts that I had, do you still have both? How can I get them from you?

    If you Facecrack, look me up
    -=(OUTLAWS)=- FUS1ON

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