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Thread: rejuv cleric spec

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    rejuv cleric spec

    thinking about making Arqe a rejuv cleric for RvR since we seem to ahve a big shortage of clerics atm. What is the best spec, and does anyone have a good template?

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    and what RAs. she is 5L8.

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    if u want 100 % rez: 40 rejuv, 36 or 35 enhance and rest in smite

    if u don't need 100 % rez: 30 - 35 rejuv, 40 - 42 enhance and rest in smite

    The 40 rejuv has a better group heal and a higher spread heal so IMO a real rejuv cleric needs 40 in rejuv.

    RAs: Saretta has mcl 1, raging power 1, DI 2, pr 1, purge 2, aug dex 2

    I chose mcl 1 and rp 1 because both are on different timers and give both 25 % power and are cheaper than mcl 2.

    For a good tamplate, since u have cloudsong already check the cleric class boards they have some real sweet templates there or just take Bers template.
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    50 rejuv/20smite/4e
    Pure healer. Would need a second cleric with an rejuv/enh spec to be effective. Has no resists, no sheers, and just puts out a lot of healing.

    41r/34e, 40r/36e, 40r/35e
    If I were pushing the envelope and going back to rejuv, probably would go back to my old 41rejuv spec, just 41 r/rest e. You get the yellows on everything including a hot little 800 single target heal. Quite nice imo.

    40e/36r/4s, 40e/35r ***WINNER***
    Most clerics buff their own Dex, making 25% buff bonus + 40 enh quite nice. You can get capped Dex/qui for yourself, making your cleric a more effective healer who doesnt need bot buffs. Plus you won't have to worry about opponents sheering you, and get to sheer them back when you win mezes. RESISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is a bot/duo spec. Gives ya the hot capped out brain, and just enough rejuv to keep a few players alive for a short while. Sheers are great on this spec.

    Many ways you can do stuff, pretty much the way to look at it is, 40enhance spec gives ya more dex to cast faster. 40rejuv spec has slightly faster base cast speed/harder heals but you'd want a bot's dex/qui buff. Last spec is pretty much for a duo'er. I'm very happy with 40e/36r/4s. Just missing the last spread heal, a high level single target heal, and aoe smite. But I don't miss it because most often i'm kiting, sheering an assisted target, and happy with the single target heal that I have now.

    RA's? 48 pts to spend, depends how you're going to play for your group. If you lag or are increibly lazy, hit up di3 now LOL. Probably would go... Purge1, (pray for demez, use purge for roots, snares, ugly dots) DI2, MCL2, Aug Dex 3, AoM1, PD1, LW1. But who knows how ya like to play. Keep in mind when ya play, what kills you. Dropping down a little in a few things to get other skills can save you or your group if you use them at the right times. BoF can be a virtue if your group is getting chewed on by tanks. 2nd wind is great for kiting, after heals, you're pretty much out of end and unable to sprint, MoC's awesome to beat out interupts.
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    my cleric is 40 rejuv, 36 enahnce. I'm 4L4, with MCL1, DI2, PR1, and Purge1. I use purge mostly for mez/dots, its usually down when I get rooted. Purge 2 not worth imo because you get stunned you are already dead so the 5 second delay isn't that big a deal. I'll probably be saving for either DI3 or PR2 next. The Dex/Qui buff can be an issue, but if you cap out dex, and have +dex in your template its really not much of a problem. I'll get MoC eventually, but wont be til after I'm rr6+

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    I'm a low RR Cleric and still have a lot to learn about playing the class, but I did read a ton of threads before respecing and this was back when stones were either nonexistent or selling for well over 60 plat. I had been hanging on to that stone and didn't want to make a mistake.

    40R/36E/4S is a great spec if you want more better Rejuv. Anything more than 42 in either Rejuv or Enhance is waste from what i've read. Anyways I went with 40E/36R/4S, it suited my needs better, it gives you good enough buffs and heals when combined with ToA bonuses. I have +20 to heal bonus and I switch out 2 items when buffing to get +25 buff bonus. I need to redo my template, I need more casting speed, +DEX, +Piety and power %.

    Also I did a little looking around at VN, these will either serve to confuse you more or help to makeup your mind. I'm STILL trying to figure out exactly what they did for me.

    BTW There was some whineing back about a year ago about not enough Clerics and just as soon as I respecced, you all brought your damn Clerics out of the closets and finding a RvR group got hard for me so I went back to playing my Necros since my other 50 isn't really viable atm in RvR groups either imo. /end rant

    *I know that links to other forums are taboo, you can delete them if you want.
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    I love my 36r/40enh spec. Respecing my cleric to that was the best decision I made with her. You can still heal like woah and you'll have uber buffs with 25% buff bonus. Get that bonus up to cap your buffs and you'll be a working/healing cleric and wont sacrifice your bot buffs if you need Arqe for BK swaying. It's nice to rez a grp member and get them right back into the game with capped out stats. That alone outweighs the mana hogs - 100% rez and 2nd lvl spread heal. 100% rez is nice, but what use is a cleric that has no mana to heal anyone else afterward

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    rez doesnt matter if u got 100 % better chance of surving comparied to 50% ....they all cost 50% power...so that doesnt differ...if i didnt have to goto work id help more...u know id be ur cleric...if i didnt have school during ur main playing hours.

    resourceful 6L1 cleric!

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    "100% rez is nice, but what use is a cleric that has no mana to heal anyone else afterward "

    whoops! All ressurections cost the same, the cost variance on your power pool to rez a player is the difference between your character level added with the base cost. Thus, only time it costs more to rez someone with any percent rez, is when they're a higher level.

    PLzor me a cheety vampiir imo. I'll be the scourge of PoC's of every realm. For about 512k rp's until i grow weary of the cheetiness and play a warden instead.

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