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    cool playing with ya,,,, and thanks for the artillery tip,,,, now get the desert combat mod,,,,, and met me in the GJclan server,,,,, oh I had to kill ya on the carrier,,,,,, to hard to pass up a chance to kill a merc,,,, well grenade ya later

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    Well, allies got schooled in that map, anyway.
    You need cooperation to take airfield.

    Sniper+artillery has to bomb the planes to stop them from getting air control, and shelling the tanks helps too.
    Once there's no armor to worry about, then a few gunners and a medic can rush the flag and take it.

    otherwise, you have to take a higher point, and the armor is always something to worry about. If you do NOT have armor, and they do, the ONLY recourse, if you don't have a good spawn point, is to call ARTILLERY to smash the tanks. Without calling artillery, Allies can NOT WIN.

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    yeah, like anyone plays as a team in that game...

    me i just tie up the spawn places, and sometimes someone will help, otherwise just hide and keep them from spawning there,,,, the idiots that charge the front lines will eventially lower the numbers,,,,, most the people just stand around waiting on planes, or tk'ing, or being just plain stupid
    It was cool playing with someone that knows how to play......

    and in that map, you were my only kill, when I blew you up on the carrier,,,,, I had just started when you asked to land on it....

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