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Thread: Storm that ripped through Iowa

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    Storm that ripped through Iowa

    I am sure many of you didn't hear, but there are a few around in my area, but the storm that ripped through Iowa yesterday morning went right over or very near my house. I've heard a neighbor to the east, half a mile, had 2 grain bins fall on his semi, while another neighbor half mile to the west just had branches down, but his field that is right next to my house, was leveled. Now for the good part, I am on vacation and was traveling from central Florida to NE Georgia at the time, so I wasn't even home. I didn't know anything about it till a friend asked me when I was getting home and then a text message after that said there was a tornado that went through. I've heard it was a tornado and then heard it was very strong winds. Either way, it was nasty shit that went through and I got to miss all of it. My friend has checked my house and there was a limb from a tree that took out a support 4x4" beam and damaged some sofet but that's been it. There's no power due to a lot of lines being down and no idea when it will be back up, but my friend has a generator at my house to run the sump pump in the basement. It's an unfinished basement so a little water isn't going to hurt anything. No idea if there was any lightning damage, but before I left, I unplugged my TV for sure, but I can't remember if I unplugged my computers. O well, if anything, it gives me more reason to build another one them (and will make use of my deductible) I am already thinking 6 core proc, sata III SSDs, dual GTX590s, ZOMG I better stop lol

    Anyways, I heard about it. A friend I bowl with lost his house, and it was a huge house, but no one was injured. I had heard that the storm went all the way to central Illinois. Not sure if it got to the quad cities, but I know there are a few AO members down that way.

    Just wanted to let everyone know I am alright, and that I wasn't even in the state when it happened. Should be back around this weekend or so.

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    WTF going on with the weather lately? End of times dudes.
    RIP Father.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JIMINATOR View Post
    WTF going on with the weather lately? End of times dudes.
    six years later - I suspect that your prophesy was off by a few years...

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    be safe everyone!

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